The Stones and the Poet - the story of a book
THE STONES AND THE POET, a story for children of all ages, tells of a lonely poet, two useless stones (one tall, one small) and friendship. It is based on a poem about the strange stones of Lake Tai by the Chinese poet Bai Juyi when he worked in Suzhou in 826.

I remembered the poem when we moved to Portland, Oregon, and saw the stones of LanSu Chinese Garden -- perfect for a class assignment to write a children's book. I wrote the story, Lu Kesi painted the stones of LanSu, and the garden published it.
I sent THE STONES AND THE POET to a Japanese friend. She sent me a photo of two stones in her home. Her husband's grand-father bought them when he visited China. We wondered if he knew the poem.
Painting by Lu Kesi
by Lynn Connor
Illustrator Lu Kesi
Lynn B. Connor - Adventures in History
The Poem
Two Stones
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